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I will try to explain The cost of Upkeep. That means hardware, backbone connections, bandwidth, support team, repair costs, electricity, etc. There's also the matter of having multiple connections to various internet providers in case one of them goes out or a line gets cut.

Then having Backup power in case of public power loss.

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And multiple physical locations around the globe to host local servers so everyone can play with a reasonable ping. The other option is to rent Servers.

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Paying someone else to manage all of that and just rent a group of servers from various locations. Now, most companies have a "startup cost" because they have to buy the hardware and don't want anyone renting it for one month and dropping it, sticking them with the hardware cost. For the sake of discussion Going to try and find some game stats Let's say 5 to 6 players a game, that's copies that need hosting. Plus any fees generally several hundred each for renting a new server.

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And it's likely they need to keep more than that available so people can still play at peak hours, even though in the off hours and a month from now that number of servers required is gonna go down. It's likely if you're renting that many servers you can get some sort of deal from the colocation agency.

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But still, it's a lot of money and it adds up fast! Anyone can download the dedicated server code -- it doesn't have any game assets like sounds, models, etc included anyway -- and then host the game themselves.

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Which is why you see that a whole lot more lately than things like dedicated servers. Having a developer or more likely a development team build and maintain a dedicated server package for a game costs time and money to create and is then given away for free. In this age of DLC, it can be hard for corporate to see the logic in that. Think about it DR Dedicated Servers cost money to keep running. If you want Dedicated Servers If you enjoy Destiny being Free Nothing is truly free in this world. Edit 2: I am saying Comentar Respuesta Abrir tema.

Traducción de "dedicated server" en español. Ver ejemplos para la traducción servidor dedicado Sustantivo - Masculino 20 ejemplos coincidentes.

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Ver ejemplos para la traducción servidores dedicados 2 ejemplos coincidentes. In addition, customers are able to rent a dedicated server or managed which gives more flexibility. This solves some problems of the game and adds a very attractive feature: Este soluciona algunos problemas del juego y añade una característica muy atrayente: InterNetX was founded in Regensburg in and provides domain services, virtual and dedicated server solutions and housing, tailored for your needs.

La sociedad InterNetX, S. SevenL Networks Inc. There will be a dedicated server included with Neverwinter Nights for all supported platforms. By dedicated server we mean a stand alone application with no extra overhead, like drawing graphics.

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Hetzner Online supports the Gentoo project with a powerful dedicated server. Hetzner Online contribuye al proyecto Gentoo con un potente servidor dedicado. The Board noted that both processes would require resources for computer hardware dedicated server and software upgrades. The cost of inadequate performance far outweighs the cost of purchasing a dedicated server. admin